September 11, 2014

“Thanks, phone!”

  • Her: It turned on all by itself!
  • Me: That means it wants to tell you something. [Looks at the screen.] Oh, there’s a new podcast.
  • Her: Thanks, phone!


May 19, 2014

Message Received

  • Me: Hooray, there’s a parking space!
  • Her: Yeah!
  • Me: There are tons of parking spaces, man!
  • Her: I’m not a man.
  • Me: You’re right, sorry about th—
  • Her: So don’t ever ever ever… EVER EVER EVER EVER… EVVVERRR call me that.
  • Me: Understood.


May 10, 2014

Ten Years

Our wedding.

Ten years, man! Ten y–, ten years! Ten years! Ten!! TEN YEARS!!! Ten years!

Ten wonderful years. :)


  • 130 days until Anne turns 4.
  • 276 days until Inside Out.
  • 458 days until Star Wars: Episode VII.